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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractor's Site. We are an organization of local plumbing,  gas & mechanical contractors. We have many Associate Members as
well, which  include Local Suppliers, Manufacturers and other Supporting Businesses to the Plumbing Industry.

Our General Members are also members of the State and  National PHCC. We promote legislative issues by having a lobbyist work on our  behalf at the State & National Levels. Our local Association has had several members who are  past presidents at State & National PHCC Associations.

Gary Kozan - Ridgeway Plumbing
Represents our interests working with the Code Committee in  establishing a set of codes that represent the industry uniformly.

Represents our association at the Construction Industry Licensing Board and keeps us informed on issues i.e., Unlicensed Activity, discrepancies of interpretation of the plumbing code, etc.

Our association is represented on  the Construction Industry Management Council and works directly with leaders from other trades on common issues.

Our  association participates with the Palm Beach County Schools to educate children from elementary, middle and high schools about the types of jobs available in the plumbing industry.

Our local association is committed to promoting education to the consumer as well as keeping up with new codes and products in the  industry.

We also have the "Largest Plumbing Trade Show " in the state of  Florida with over one hundred exhibitors and approximately 1000 in attendance. If you need more information on our show and/or interested in participating, please  call
our local office.

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